Vintage Car Ads

Ford's 1936 'Rhythm of the Road' musical

(November 9, 2018) Automobile advertising has certainly evolved over the years as dramatically pointed out by this 1936 Ford movie clip that depicts beautiful tree-lined English scenery and what presumedly are Ford vehicles equipped with Ford V8 engines.

Selling the 1956 Ford Customline Victoria as a second car

(April 30, 2018) If you grew up in the 1950s there was a good chance you lived in a one-car family. Dad and mom had to share the family vehicle. As families became more affluent, things changed. Two-car families were more common as the decade wore on.

Chevrolet explains 'mass selling' in 1937

(September 7, 2017) Chevrolet in 1937 produced an interesting nine-minute film designed to educate Chevrolet dealers and salesmen explaining the company's use of "mass selling."

Chevrolet pictches short-lived Turboglide transmission in 1957 ad

(March 9, 2017) Chevrolet pitched its new 3-speed Turboglide transmission in the V8-equipped 1957 Chevrolet in this 90-second TV ad. It was a $50 option over the standard Powerglide 2-speed automatic transmission and was available from 1957-1961.

A Chevrolet lesson in automotive technology —80 years ago

(October 25, 2016) The automotive differential has been around as long as the automobile, first used on a car in 1897, according to historians. The differential allows the outer drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner drive wheel during a turn. This is necessary when the vehicle turns, making the wheel that is traveling around the outside of the turning curve roll farther than the other.

GM highlights its new 1955 'Motoramic Chevrolet' in a series of ads

(August 11, 2016) 1955 was a big year for Chevrolet with an all-new car and a new V-8 engine called the "Turbofire V8." And taking the name of its well-received annual touring display of concept and showcars called "Motorama," General Motors tagged the new car as the "Motoramic Chevrolet," denoting perhaps that the future is now.

"The Human Bridge' depicts the development of the revolutionary '49 Ford

(July 12, 2016) The 1949 Ford is considered the first "modern car" from Ford. Its development started in 1946 according to a 1949 promotional film from Ford, "The Human Bridge," depicting the building of the car from start to finish.

Another 1930s educational film from Chevrolet, 'Water Boy'

(April 25, 2016) Chevrolet released a series of advertising documentary short films in the 1930s, most of them interesting, and many that actually offered a learning experience. A prime example is the 12-minute film "Water Boy" produced in 1936 that Chevrolet calls an "educational documentary."

A lesson in the modern suspension system by Chevrolet — in 1936

(March 8, 2016) Auto companies created interesting and educational commercials in the 1930s. One of the most interesting is Chevrolet's educational eight-minute instructional film in 1936 depicting how "modern" auto suspensions smooth out the road, soaking up imperfections.

1948 Oldsmobile: 'The last word in luxury'

(January 27, 2016) Oldsmobile called the 1948 model the "Car of Tomorrow." Although it didn't have a new engine, the Futuramic 98 carried a sleek, new style. The flathead straight 8-cylinder engine did get a slight gain in horsepower from 110 to 115.


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