Ford's 1936 'Rhythm of the Road' musical

(November 9, 2018) Automobile advertising has certainly evolved over the years as dramatically pointed out by this 1936 Ford movie clip that depicts beautiful tree-lined English scenery and what presumedly are Ford vehicles equipped with Ford V8 engines.

Singer Gordon Little with a backing orchestra sings about the "Rhythm of the Road" — over the hills and dale, speeding along a rolling highway, the world flashes by, you feel so happy, free as a bird on wing.  

One interesting scene includes five happy people packed into a Ford convertible getting passed by a speeding car on a narrow gravel road.

More interesting is the only reference to Ford in the entire three-minute film is its V8 logo flashing by at the end. Strangely there is no sales message — even briefly — urging viewers to visit their local Ford dealership.