Welcome to the world of abandoned cars

They say its good to have a hobby. One of my passions — and hobbies — in life is to collect pictures of old, rusted out, mostly abandoned cars, trucks, buses, tractors, motorcycles and heavy equipment. Examples dot the landscape from sea to shining sea. They rest among the trees in a back yard, they are swallowed up by weeds in an unmowed field, they have been given permanent residence in the far corner of a used car lot.

But what's the point of having a hobby — whether it be wood carving, restoring cars, growing vegetables, collecting matchbook covers — if you can't show off your work and your collection.

That's the purpose of this site — to show off the abandoned vehicles I have found and that my small, but merry band of equally enthusiastic photographers have found across the country.

This abandoned car site is constantly evolving. We promise to have at least one new picture a week — one new Abandoned Car of the Week — and perhaps more depending on our luck and perseverance. So if you enjoy looking at old vehicles, and perhaps learning a little something about them, we urge you to return often.

There are other interesting features on the site including news about old cars, car events and auctions. This section is called Nostalgia Highway. I will put up new history articles from time to time in the Automotive History section. And don't miss the Vintage Car Ads where you can marvel at videos shot in the '30s, '40s, '50s and '60s.

I welcome contributions. You will receive a credit line — but no cash. After all, this is a hobby!

My contributing photographers are Jim Prueter, Ralph Gable, Peter Hubbard, Ted Biederman, Jerry Brown, Chuck Skaggs, and B.J. Overbee.

Please pull up your computer and enjoy!

— Jim Meachen