Abandoned Car of the Week

In 1962, the full-sized Oldsmobile 88 was in its fifth generation (1961-1964). The base Dynamic 88 was powered by the 280-horsepower Jetfire Rocket V-8 while the Super 88 received the 394 Skyrocket V-8 making 330-horsepower. Both models were outfitted with a 3-speed Roto Hydra-Matic transmission. This 1962 model was found enjoying retirement in Munger, Mich. (Photos by Jim Prueter)

This 1963 Ford Falcon was the last model of the first-generation (1960-1963) Falcon built by Ford. The compact-sized Falcon was initially a hit with more than a half million sold each of its first two years of existence. This well preserved model was found in South Carolina. (Photo by Ralph Gable)

This 1946 or '47 Diamond T tractor was discovered in a backyard in North Dakota. Diamond T was well known for its reliable military trucks during World War II and it continued to build work


Nostalgia Highway

A Chevrolet lesson in automotive technology —80 years ago

(October 25, 2016) The automotive differential has been around as long as the automobile, first used on a car in 1897, according to historians. The differential allows the outer drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner drive wheel during a turn. This is necessary when the vehicle turns, making the wheel that is traveling around the outside of the turning curve roll farther than the other.

Mecum Auctions to offer 130 cars from Ron MacWhorter Collection

(October 24, 2016) DALLAS — Mecum Auctions will offer more than 130 cars from the Ron MacWhorter Collection at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas on Wednesday, Nov. 2. All but 10 cars from the collection will be offered at No Reserve.

Fully restored 'Serial One' Honda N600 revealed

(October 19, 2016) TORRANCE, Calif. — Since March, Honda has taken viewers on an in-depth journey of the restoration of the very first Honda automobile in America, the N600 with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 1000001, called "Serial One." The final episode, which aired Tuesday, marks the end of the 12-episode documentary series that has chronicled the meticulous, step-by-step restoration of the N600 through the eyes Los Angeles-based mechanic Tim Mings.