Abandoned Car of the Week

Chevrolet built the astounding number of 624,489 sedans for the 1956 model year. This is one of the survivors from more than 60 years ago found behind a garage in North Carolina. Prices ranged from $1,869 for a base One-Fifty to $2,230 for a top line Bel Air four-door hardtop. (Photos by Ralph Gable)

This 1929 or '30 Pierce-Arrow was discovered sitting in front of an old Phillips 66 gas station on Route 66 in Chandler, Okla. The Pierce Arrow was redesigned in 1929 to include headlights molded into the front fenders. It came in four wheelbases with a choice of three straight eight engines with horsepower ratings from 115 to 132. Prices ranged from $2,595 to $6,250, a princely sum during the first years of the Great Depression. (Photo by Jim Meachen)


Nostalgia Highway

Great moments in Chevrolet Trucks 100-year torque history

1929 Chevrolet half-ton Light Delivery Pickup

(November 13, 2017) DETROIT — Torque is power. More specifically, it’s the twisting force an engine generates, and for 100 years Chevy Trucks have offered the torque that customers of 85 million trucks have relied on for hauling cargo and pulling trailers, on and off the clock.

'Beast of Turin' to be unleashed on the Grand Avenue

(November 10, 2017) LONDON — The incredible fire breathing ‘Beast of Turin’ will be starring in the spectacular Grand Avenue display at the 2018 London Classic Car Show at ExCeL London Feb. 15-18. Running through the very center of the show, The Grand Avenue is one of the award-winning event’s many stand-out features.

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca turns 60

(November 10, 2017) MONTEREY, Calif. — On Nov. 9, 1957, the ribbon was cut at Laguna Seca Raceway at the start of its inaugural event, the eighth annual Pebble Beach Road Races held Nov. 9-10. Sixty years later, the iconic road course celebrates its diamond anniversary.