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NHRA Motorsports Museum releases historical videos

(December 5, 2021) Museums aren't just places to store old stuff, they're places to tell the stories that mean something to us using that old stuff as a medium. The staff at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum knows this all too well. A video series that curator Greg Sharp and racer Jack Beckman put together earlier this year tell fascinating stories of drag racing and hot rodding history.

The view from a San Francisco cable car mid-20th Century

(December 1, 2021) Travel the rails on the streets of San Francisco with a cable car in this early 1960s video. It's fun to see the streets packed with parked cars from the '50s and early '60s — and to see how many you can identify. If you are into old cars and trucks — particularly from the mid 20th Century — than you will enjoy this 3 1/2 - minute romp through downtown San Francisco.

One woman's 40th birthday becomes a tie-dye Beetle dream come true

(November 26, 2021) Since the age of 16, Virginia native and tie-dye enthusiast Tasha Lacks had her heart set on one day becoming the owner of a Volkswagen vehicle, a brand of cars that made her eyes twinkle as she played “punch dub” from the backseat of her parents’ car in the 80s. Her dreams finally came true in 2021 when her husband, Jessie, gifted her with a one-of-a-kind present for her 40th birthday: a tie-dye, flower themed Volkswagen Beetle.

Mullin Automotive Museum named Museum/Collection of the Year

(November 26, 2021) OXNARD, Calif. — The Mullin Automotive Museum has announced that it is the recipient of the 2021 Historic Motoring Awards title of Museum/Collection of the Year, which was announced during the awards ceremony that took place at the Rosewood Hotel in London, England on Nov18. This is the museum’s first win. It is the second Historic Motoring Award for Mullin founder and CEO, Peter W. Mullin, who won the Personal Achievement Award in 2016.

Goodguys crowns 1963 Impala Wagon as Snap-on Custom of the Year

(November 18, 2021) PLEASANTON, Calif. — The annual Goodguys, car show has announced the winner of its  long-running Snap-on Custom of the Year award — a 1963 Impala Wagon called “Impressive.” The two-door Chevrolet wagon, built by the Ranweiler family at its Minnesota-based shop Show Cars Automotive, was announced as the winner Nov. 14 during the awards ceremony of the 31st Autumn Get-Together.

Seventy years on, the Packard 200 is still affordably priced

By David Conwill
Hemmings Motor News

(November 14, 2021) One of the more controversial things Packard Motor Car Company ever did was start building less-expensive cars. In the 1920s, there was no such thing as an affordable Packard. If you owned one, it meant you were somebody of wealth and taste.

Toyota celebrates 25 years of the RAV4 in North America

1996 Toyota RAV4

(November 13, 2021) PLANO, Texas — It’s been a quarter-century since Toyota introduced the groundbreaking model that went on to define a whole new type of passenger vehicle category. With ride, handling and comfort characteristics more akin to sedans than SUVs, the first RAV4 essentially created the template for what became the “crossover SUV” or just “crossover.” This unique vehicle left some mighty big footsteps to follow.

Petersen Automotive Museum announces new hypercar exhibit

(November 12, 2021) LOS ANGELES — The Petersen Automotive Museum has announced a new exhibit that explores the world of hypercars, the fastest and most exclusive cars money can buy, which is coming to the museum on Dec. 4.  Over the next 18 months, the exhibit Hypercars: The Allure of the Extreme will rotate up to 30 vehicles that highlight what hypercars stand for and why they continue to captivate the global automotive community.

A more joyful way to tour the Bay — In a vintage VW Bus

(November 6, 2021) Josh Armel and Virgine De Paepe, the married couple behind San Francisco’s Painted Ladies Tour Company, have countless stories about how their tour fleet of brightly hued vintage Volkswagen Buses brings joy to guests and passersby alike. There’s the tough-looking biker who suddenly grinned and flashed the peace sign when he spotted one of the buses. There’s the Bay Area tech company that rented the Painted Ladies fleet for the Pride Parade, tossing daisies to the crowd from one of the Buses.

Mecum to offer 3,500 classic and collector cars in Kissimmee, Fla.

1992 Ferrari F-40

(November 5, 2021) WALWORTH, Wis. — Following a record-setting $147 million in sales at Mecum Kissimmee 2021, Mecum Auctions will return to Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Fla., for the 17th annual edition of the world’s largest collector car auction Jan. 6-15, featuring an estimated 3,500 vehicles, daily Road Art selections, the Mecum Midway of food, exhibitors and various live entertainment acts, the Dodge Thrill Ride, and, of course, the ceaseless high-energy Mecum auction action.


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