Chevrolet proclaims 'The Balanced Car' — in 1935

(October 10, 2019) This Chevrolet advertising film from 1935 is interesting if for nothing else its first-hand look at such things as the famous Bluebird's effort to set a land speed record at Daytona Beach and a bad accident during an Indy-style car race.

The Chevrolet spokesman could be touting the attributes of a car in 2019 proclaiming the 1935 Chevy has a "balance of comfort, safety, economy, speed and power." It seems nothing much has changed in nearly 85 years.

The ad depicts high speed with race cars of the era, comfort with a large motor home, economy in a tiny "English pigmy car," power with a huge 10-wheel dump truck, and comfort in of all things an ambulance ("but who wants to ride around in an ambulance?")

What Chevrolet offers in its 1935 model are all these things combined into one family vehicle. No need to buy a tank, a motor home or a pigmy car.

Take a trip back to 1935 courtesy of Chevrolet. It's worth the six-and-one-half minutes.