Bizarre advertisement highlights the build quality of the 1935 Plymouth

(December 23, 2015) Plymouth created one of the most bizarre advertising films in 1935 for the all-steel 1935 Plymouth entitled "Trial by Torture." Before the Plymouth comes into the picture, the audience must sit through about 10 seconds of a rather surreal flashback to the torture chamber of the Spanish Inquisition.

As extraordinarily weird as the opening sequence, the audience is given about seven minutes of county fair hell driving in which the Plymouth is given a "torture test" of its own emphasizing the strength of its new safety steel body.

This was probably important to drivers of the mid-30s who had to negotiate muddy, pothole-filled roads on a regular basis, the age of the smooth, modern highway still years in the future.

We particularly enjoyed the car being purposely overturned with enough momentum to roll it back on its wheels and then drive away.

The announcer tells the audience "most of the sensational new advancements which the Plymouth brings to motoring are obvious to all motorists...but no motorist could learn as much  about dependability and ruggedness in years as (stunt driver) Jimmy Lynch can prove in one afternoon."

Then we watch as the car handles some extreme tests ..... "and likes it!"