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1972 E-Type Jaguar fetches over $70,000 in London sale

(September 6, 2014) LONDON — A 1972 one-owner Jaguar E-type S3 FHC stormed past its £17,500 ($28,000) - £20,000 ($32,000) estimate to sell for £45,372 ($72,500) at Barons’ British Heritage sale at Sandown Park on Sept. 2. The car was part of the collection of the late David Cheeseman, and attracted a huge amount of interest, with bids coming in over the internet, from three phone bidders and from bidders in the bustling sale room itself.

CMC to produce limited run of Mark 2 by Callum

(September 5, 2014) LONDON — Following the amazing response from car enthusiasts around the world after the launch of the Jaguar Mark 2 by Callum, Classic Motor Cars Limited (CMC) has announced it will be producing a limited edition run of cars.

Three tips to protect classic car from mice and rat damage

(September 1, 2014) If you store your classic car, muscle machine, sportster, collector, or restored summer car over the winter, and think it's protected from mice by being locked in the garage or car shed, think again.

An unused, protected vehicle or car puts up a gigantic "Welcome!" sign for mice and rats looking to come in out of the cold. They'll perform unthinkable acts in unimaginable places, and cleaning up their mess will cost you an unbelievable amount of money.

Lessons in driving etiquette from Chevrolet — 1936 style

(August 28, 2014) Chevrolet produced some interesting — and informative — short movies in the 1930s for showing presumably at movie houses before the main feature.

This seven-minute production, "Turnabout Man," is rather unique because it doesn't push the Chevrolet brand, but offers lessons in road manners, lessons we could apply to driving today.

1921 Rolls-Royce to bring star power to Auburn Auction Park

(August 22, 2014) AUBURN, Ind. — A 1921 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Saloon used in the acclaimed HBO series, "Boardwalk Empire" will bring star power to the historic Auburn Auction Park next week as it crosses the block during Auctions America's annual Auburn Fall weekend, Aug. 27-31.

Mini turns 55 — A small car with a great history

(August 18, 2014) MUNICH — When the first classic Mini, made in Birmingham, England, went on the market on Aug. 18, 1959, none of the people involved at the time are likely to have imagined that the concept of a revolutionary small car would turn into one of the automotive industry's most impressive success stories stretching over a period of five and half decades.

Ferrari 250 GTO sets world auction record selling for $34.65 million

(August 15, 2014) CARMEL, Calif. — A rare 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO once owned by a famed racing driver and Olympic gold medalist Henri Oreiller was sold for $34.65 million Thursday at an auction during Monterey Car Week. It is believed to be a record public auction price for a classic car, topping the nearly $30 million paid for a Mercedes W196 last year in England.

Goodguys West Coast Nationals celebrates vintage American cars

(August 13, 2014) PLEASANTON, Calif. — For the 28th consecutive year, souped up hot rods, colorful custom cars and restored classics will flock to Pleasanton, Calif., the third week in August for the annual pilgrimage known as the Goodguys West Coast Nationals.

Preventing confiscation of inoperable vehicle projects

By SEMA Action Network (SAN)

(August 13, 2014) "A vehicle is only original once." This phrase is commonly spoken among the "gearhead" community and rings so true. As time persists, the trend to totally restore vintage cars and trucks has made way for a heightened demand in "patina." Interest in preserved survivors and unrestored specimens — often referred to lovingly as "barn finds" — has skyrocketed in the last few years.

Jaguar Heritage to hand build final six Lightweight E-Types

(August 12, 2014) MAHWAH, N.J. — Jaguar has revealed the prototype of its continuation Lightweight E-Type — six of which will be built and sold. Jaguar announced in May 2014 that it would create six continuation Lightweight E-Type vehicles, each built by Jaguar Heritage, part of Jaguar Land Rover's new Special Operations division.


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