1950 Oldsmobile led in performance and fashion

(October 3, 2014) Oldsmobile introduced its Rocket engine in 1949, an overhead valve V8 design the took the place of the aging flathead straight-8, which was popular in the 1940s. The engine produced considerably more power than the flathead engines putting Oldsmobile at the forefront in performance.

In 1950, the first Rocket engine at 303.7 cubic inches (5.0-liter) produced 135 horsepower compared to a 1950 flathead Ford at 100 horsepower.

But for 1950, Oldsmobile also emphasized styling and fashion as depicted in this six-minute color advertising film touting the "most beautiful models" in women — and cars. Oldsmobile was the first of the General Motors' divisions to receive a true hardtop in 1950 and was also among the first to receive a wraparound windshield.

In the film the "world's most glamorous car" takes the girls to the beach in comfort in the three available styles for 1950 — the 76, 88 and 98.

Oldsmobile was one of the nation's best sellers in 1950 with sales of 407,889.