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Nissan to restore legendary Safari Rally Z

(November 8, 2013) IRVINE, Calif. — Few true sports cars in history can lay claim to not only being a road-racing champion, but also a rally legend. One such car is the Fairlady Z, which provided the basis for the renowned off-road race machine, the Safari Rally Z.

Canadian airline pilot Stanley Tucker and his two milestone Mustangs

(November 7, 2013) By the time the 1965 Ford Mustang officially went on sale on April 17, 1964, it had been rolling off the assembly line at the Rouge factory in Dearborn, Mich., for about five weeks. Thousands of Mustangs had been shipped to dealers throughout North America so they would be available in showrooms on opening day. However, not all of the cars on display were actually meant to be sold to customers.

London to Brighton should be easier than California to Florida

(October 31, 2013) LONDON — When Joy Rainey tackles the Veteran Car Run in her 1904 Oldsmobile in November, it ought to be a breeze. Her faithful Curved Dash Runabout might only have a comfortable top speed of 25 mph, but the 60-mile trip from London’s Hyde Park to Madeira Drive in Brighton should be a great deal easier than the car’s last outing… more than 2,650 miles from coast to coast across America.

Going flat back and Ultra Violet — the 1970 Mustang Milano Concept

(November 7, 2013) DEARBORN, Mich. — In February 1970, Ford kicked off a new decade at the Chicago Auto Show with a wild-looking Mustang concept car that previewed some of the design direction for the upcoming 1971 models. The exceptionally low-slung, two-seat Mustang Milano took inspiration from the grand touring cars that regularly prowled the roads around the northern Italian city that gave the car its name.

Ford Mustang voted Europe’s most-wanted classic car

(November 1, 2013) COLOGNE, Germany — Ford Mustang is Europe’s most desirable classic car, according to a survey of more than 75,000 users of online car portal AutoScout24.


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