Pontiac on display at the New York Auto Show 74 years ago

(March 26, 2015) With the opening of the 2015 New York Auto Show just a week away, it's fascinating to watch a 14-minute video on the attributes of the 1941 Pontiac from the floor of the 1941 New York Auto Show.

A pitchman uses his "magic" with the assistance of three models to show off features of the Pontiac Torpedo. The most intriguing part of the long-running advertisement is the cut-away Pontiac that can be completely opened from the front to reveal the interior of the car as well as the engine.

The so-called Pontiac Torpedo was introduced in 1940 and had a brief two-year run before the start of World War II. The Torpedo had larger windows and wider seats than other Pontiacs. The doors had concealed hinges, running boards were eliminated and the exterior was lowered 2-to-3 inches for a more streamlined appearance.

The Pontiac could be purchased with either an inline 6 making 90 horsepower or an inline 8-cylinder generating 103 horsepower. The Pontiac pitchman noted that upgrading to the bigger engine could be accomplished for only an additional $25.

The available interior fabrics were effectively displayed by the three models who each wore clothing made of the fabrics including a special beige corded wool.

Sit back and visit the 1941 New York Auto Show from the Pontiac display.

Information from Wikipedia