A popular 'penny car' in Indiana has $382.95 paint job

(April 17, 2014) Covering an old car in pennies — or other coins — seems to be a rather common practice around the country. One of the most famous cars adorned with pennies belongs to Larry and Theresa Thompson of Fort Wayne, Ind. The couple has displayed the car in numerous parades and shows over the years.

The car is adorned with 38,295 pennies ($382.95), which were affixed using Silicone during the summer of 1999. A variety of pennies were used, including an 1817 "big cent," some error pennies and Indian head pennies. All the coins are heads up, except for four. The challenge to visitors is to find those four pennies.

Larry and Theresa got help from their two sons and a neighbor boy whose parents did not believe the reason he was late for dinner. The project took six weeks and has added about 200 pounds to the vehicle's weight.

The rear license plate reads "O My Gosh."

Unlike other show vehicles, touching this car is encouraged.

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