Kindred Motorworks to open pre-orders for its vintage vehicle lineup

(August 12, 2022) SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — Kindred Motorworks has announced that pre-orders for its lineup of fully modernized vintage vehicles open on Friday, Aug. 19. Customers interested in securing a pre-order for a Kindred Bronco, Kindred VW Bus, or Kindred Camaro may do so quickly and easily by visiting on the 19th.

The Kindred Bronco and Kindred VW Bus will be joined by the Kindred Camaro LT in person on Aug. 19 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time at the Baja Cantina in Carmel, Calif., where patrons will have the ability to place pre-orders with Kindred Motorworks personnel onsite. This event marks the global public debut of the Kindred Camaro.

Historically, the restoration of vintage cars is a time-consuming process that is dependent on a small population of rapidly aging master mechanics who use a significant number of different partners and suppliers. Results are typically inconsistent and sometimes disappointing to owners, as even the most beautifully restored vintage cars and trucks have idiosyncrasies reflective of their eras that can make them less pleasant to own and drive regularly. 

Through its technology-driven approach, Kindred Motorworks reinvents and standardizes every phase of this process to deliver restored vintage cars that are fully modernized with contemporary powertrains, tuning, and safety upgrades. This gives Kindred Motorworks vehicles consistent quality, unprecedented reliability, and effortless daily drivability while fully retaining the style and heritage that makes them so attractive to customers in the first place.

“Kindred’s team of designers, engineers, and auto specialists spend over 10,000 hours prototyping, testing, and designing every model. The end result is a classic ride with the reliability and performance of a modern vehicle,” said Rob Howard, Kindred Motorworks’ founder and CEO.

Those learnings are organized in Blueprint, a unique and proprietary technology platform that manages and standardizes every aspect of Kindred’s production and development ecosystem. “Blueprint lets us seamlessly restore different models back-to-back with no deviation in quality,” said Howard.

To streamline the modernization of vintage cars, Kindred Motorworks performs every aspect of its auto restoration process under one roof in its Mare Island, CA facility. Paint, bodywork, upholstery, machining, and design all have their own individual shops, with technology and industrial engineering tying them together.

Thanks to its unique vehicle-restoration approach, Kindred Motorworks will offer electric options for every model it builds.  “We started with ICE powertrains and are expanding to offer EV as well. It’s a natural evolution informed by consumer choice and availability in the marketplace,” said Rob Howard. Kindred Motorworks’ EV portfolio kicks off with the Kindred VW Bus at launch.

Launching with the Kindred Bronco, based on the 1966-1975 Ford Bronco; and Kindred VW Bus, based on the 1950-1967 Volkswagen Bus; additional Kindred Motorworks models will be introduced several times annually.  The Kindred Camaro, based on the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro; and Kindred 3100 pickup, based on the 1947-1953 Chevrolet 3100; will round out the 2022 lineup, with more vehicles in the pipeline for 2023 and beyond. 

“Restoring on my own classic car showed me that this was a process that I could improve upon. My prior experience working with supply chains and technology helped us remove pain points in both the production process and ownership experience,” said Howard. “At Kindred Motorworks, we’ve taken the customer’s formerly irrational desire for a vintage car and make it completely justifiable.”

About Kindred Motorworks

Founder Rob Howard leads Kindred’s team of supply chain, technology and automotive experts operating out of the company’s Mare Island, CA facility. Kindred’s proprietary technology streamlines and standardizes the vehicle restoration process to build modern classics that are attractive, reliable, and fun, removing the worry from vintage-car ownership so drivers can simply enjoy the ride.

Pre-orders open Aug. 19 at and in person during Monterey Car Week at The Baja Cantina in Carmel, Calif., where Kindred Motorworks will display the Kindred Bronco, Kindred VW Bus, and Kindred Camaro LT.