A guide to common problems and how to fix them for Triumph TR4, TR4A

(September 25, 2020) The 1961-1967 Triumph TR4 represented a new breed of British sports car. Its modern lines, and accessories such as wind-up windows and face-level ventilation, were a big departure from earlier TR3 models. While TR4 mechanical parts may not have been new, the introduction of IRS (independent rear suspension) on the TR4A set a new benchmark for sports cars of that era.

Performance was solid, if not spectacular, with 109 mph attainable in overdrive top, and these TRs found a ready market in all parts of the world. Now nearly 60 years old, the TR4 and TR4A still attract a huge following worldwide.
"Triumph TR4 & TR4A"  is a new book by Paul Hogan designed to offer owners and potential owners of these cars insight to the common problems that can arise, and how to fix them; often making an improvement at the same time. Arranged into easy-to-follow sections — engine, driveline, suspension, etc — it's possible to see not only where the problems originate, but also how to resolve them.
Information is also provided on owners’ clubs and spares suppliers to help keep your car in good condition and on the road.
The book is now available for $19.99 (U.S.) and $25,99 (Canada).