Aeromotive announces Gen II Stealth Fuel Tank for 1967-72 Chevy C10 trucks

(August 30, 2023) The latest addition to Aeromotive’s Gen II Stealth Fuel Tank lineup is designed specifically for the hugely popular 1967-72 Chevrolet C10 truck. This rear-mount configuration allows builders to easily replace the in-cab fuel tank with a 17-gallon tank positioned behind the rear axle and between the frame rails.

Aeromotive’s highly anticipated tanks are perfect for LS-type swaps and carbureted setups. The Gen II Stealth Tank comes fully assembled in painted steel, complete with Aeromotive’s patented foam and basket assembly to control fuel slosh. Also included is a 0-90 ohm fuel level sender and an outlet cap with a -06 ORB outlet and return port.  

Setting the Aeromotive product apart from the competition, the 1967-72 Chevrolet C10 tank installation kit provides a complete relocation solution. No more searching for compatible filler cap components, sending units, or pump assemblies to complete the installation. The comprehensive kit includes a bed-mount fuel filler cap assembly, frame rail/filler neck locator drill guides, tank straps, and all mounting hardware. Everything needed is in the box! 

Installation requires only four holes drilled in the frame rails plus a hole pattern in the bed floor for the filler cap. No frame rail cutting is required in most cases.

These exciting new tanks are available with three high-performing Aeromotive fuel pump options: 200 LPH, 340 LPH, and 450 LPH. The pumps can support up to approximately 800 FWHP when used in conjunction with a gas/EFI/forced induction combination, or a maximum of approximately 550 FWHP in an E-85/EFI/forced induction combination.

True to its racing roots, Aeromotive will soon release a fabricated aluminum version of this remarkable tank targeted at motorsports applications.

“The C10 truck market is so hot, but a clean, easy-to-install fuel system has been lacking… until now. What makes this product so special is the care and attention our engineers put into its development. The Aeromotive C10 tank provides builders of these iconic vehicles with a system they can rely on, no matter what power level they are building. Our customers know Aeromotive for this type of innovation, and the system continues that promise with industry-first features that make installation easy and performance a priority,” said Jamie Meyer, chief product and innovations officer for The Aeromotive Group.

The Aeromotive Gen II Stealth Tank for 1967-72 Chevy C10 is available now on and from the national Aeromotive dealer network.

The fuel tank part numbers are:
    •    #18110 – 200 LPH pump
    •    #18410 – 340 LPH pump
    •    #18810 – 450 LPH pump