Acres of vintage 'abandoned' cars to be auctioned in Canada

(July 21, 2014) When we viewed this massive collection of what we here at Abandoned Cars and Trucks considers "abandoned cars" we were astounded, awe-struck that so many dilapidated and worn out vehicles could be stored at one place. Hemmings Daily Blog reported last week that the acres of automobiles belongs to Murray King of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. And King next month will put his 550-vehicle derelict car collection up for sale.

According to the Hemmings' account, King ran a cabinet making business that took him from coast to coast in Canada and rather than return from these trips with empty trailers, he began filling them with interesting abandoned cars. This led to his current business, Kustom King Automotive Restorations.

Nearly four decades later King will sell off his collection in a two-day auction on Aug. 16 and 17. In addition to his collection, 87 cars from neighboring A-Riverside will be sold. King says he has been offered more than a million dollars for a portion of his 5.5-acre property that he paid just $35,000 for 35 years ago. So he answers the question, "Why would I sell," with the reply, "why wouldn't I sell?"

King says he will still have room to store the cars that don't sell at auction.

King's collection is diverse. Chevrolets make up the largest percentage of his collection, with 141 Chevys from 1932 through 1977 set to cross the block. Ford isn’t too far behind represented by 106 vehicles, dating from 1928 through 1969, and other makes include Pontiac (70 cars, from 1937-’72), Buick (50 cars, from 1941-’72), Mercury (39 cars, from 1950-’68), Oldsmobile (36 cars, from 1935-’70), Cadillac (24 cars, from 1951-’64), Lincoln (15 cars, from 1954-’62), Dodge (14 cars, from 1937-’74), Chrysler (12 cars, from 1941-’62), Plymouth (11 cars, from 1932-’73), and GMC (four trucks, from 1941-’81).

The Kustom King and A-Riverside sale will take place in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada, Aug. 16 and 17. For additional details on the sale, including a complete inventory list, visit

Source: Kurt Ernst, Hemmings Daily Blog
Photos courtesy of Kustom King