1965 Alan Mann Racing Mustang set to electrify La Jolla Concours

New AMR ePower Mustang features
electric powertrain technology

(April 17, 2024) LA JOLLA, Calif. — With a unique combination of American style, British race engineering and latest-generation EV technology, the "new" 1965 Alan Mann Racing (AMR) ePower Mustang is set to make its debut at La Jolla Concours, from April 19 to 21. This Anglo-American creation combines the beauty and character of one of the best loved classic American coupes – restored to an exceptional standard— with a complete chassis, powertrain and interior transformation by one of Ford’s most famous motorsport partners, Alan Mann Racing.

With backing from Mann ePower Cars of San Diego, AMR has painstakingly designed, developed and tested a completely new chassis, with four-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension and racing-standard brakes.  This re-imagined chassis is essential to manage the power and torque of a bespoke new e-motor which gives this 60s Mustang its stunning 21st century performance.

Henry Mann, chairman of Mann ePower Cars, said: “I could not imagine a better partner than Alan Mann Racing to re-engineer the classic American Mustang to meet all the needs of today’s environmentally aware enthusiast customers.

“The exterior has been restored, panel by panel, to return the glory of the factory original, but perhaps the real beauty is under the skin,” he added.  “Unlike other generic conversions that use off-the-shelf or borrowed parts, this is unique, with an entire custom-designed chassis developed to modern racing standard and a bespoke EV motor, just for this car.”

At the heart of the AMR ePower Mustang lies a latest-generation permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor, sourced specifically for this application, delivering 300 horsepower and 662 lb ft of torque.

With a new Torsen limited-slip differential to optimize traction and manage the motor’s immediate delivery of maximum torque, the AMR ePower Mustang can hit 60 mph in around five seconds and reach a limited maximum of 100 mph.  Beyond that, the car would require aerodynamic modifications out of keeping with a 60s street classic.

Complementing this electrifying performance is a completely new chassis, with ideal 50-50 weight distribution both fore and aft, as well as side to side.  The original 60s arrangement of front struts and rear leaf springs is replaced by double-wishbones front and rear, with ‘coil-over’ dampers and custom billet aluminum uprights. The components are of professional quality and racing-standard, developed by experienced Formula One designers.

The 1960s braking system — inadequate for a car with this performance — is replaced with a cutting-edge regenerative system (which returns energy to the batteries) featuring ventilated front and rear discs with six-piston calipers in front and four-piston calipers behind.

The design and feel of the original 60s interior are retained as much as possible, although every element is either restored or replaced, with the emphasis on a period-correct aesthetic and modern comfort and convenience.  All the dials and gauges have been artfully replaced to display essential information from the electric motor and its integrated battery packs.

The modern additions include larger, more comfortable, and supportive Alcantara and leather trimmed sports seats, with integrated inertia-reel seatbelts, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, and a carefully integrated multi-function LED display within a new center console.

AMR has worked hard to balance the need for a useable range, exceeding the 200 miles of the ‘60s car, with a minimized overall weight, which enables a genuine dynamic personality fully in keeping with a modern, fast, and fun GT car. Charging too has been optimized, using either AC or DC chargers, with a 20 per cent to 80 per cent recharge taking just 40 minutes.

The AMR ePower Mustang, is shown at La Jolla Concourse by Mann ePower Cars as a fully-equipped Legacy Edition.  However, AMR e-Power engine, chassis and interior upgrades are also available separately for customer cars on request.