The 1959 Ford: A 'beautifully proportioned car'

(March 7, 2014) As the final Ford in the design cycle that began with the all-new 1957, the 1959 Ford Galaxie and other models received far more changes than most end-of-the-line evolutions, probably because Ford knew an all-new 1959 Chevrolet was coming.

The previous 116-inch-wheelbase models moved over to the 118-inch Fairlane/Fairlane 500 span. New outer panels covered a much-changed 1957-1958 inner structure, resulting in bigger, brighter, blockier cars.

Ford rather immodestly hyped them as "The World's Most Beautifully Proportioned Cars." However dubious that claim, the 1959 Ford Galaxie and its brethren looked downright conservative next to the radical new "bat-fin" Chevrolet, but it went on to win a Gold Medal for exceptional styling at the 1959 Brussels World Fair.

One of Ford's television ads feature radio personality Tennessee Ernie Ford pitching the attributes of the 1959 Ford. He doesen't mention how well proportioned the car is, but he does tout the fact that oil changes need to be made only every 4,000 miles, according to the owner's manual.

Source: How Stuff Works