1935 advertisement touts attributes of 1935 V-8 Ford

(March 24, 2014) Ford completely refreshed its popular V-8 Ford for the 1935 model year giving it a more modern appearance that included a grille pushed forward and more integrated fenders.

The transverse leaf spring suspension remained for 1935, but the front spring was relocated ahead of the axle to allow more interior volume. The body was lowered and new "Center-Poise" seating improved comfort.

Two trim lines were offered — standard and DeLuxe — and a number of body styles including a base roadster, five-window coupe, three-window coupe, Tudor and Fordor sedans in flatback and trunkback versions, a convertible, a woody station wagon and in a new Model 51 truck were offered across the vast lineup. Rumble seats were optional on the coupe models. Optional equipment include an oil pressure gauge ($4) and a second windshield wiper. A radio was also optional and it replaced the ash tray.

But the highlight of the 1935 Ford was its standard 3.6-liter Flathead V-8, first introduced in 1932. It was the first 8-cylinder, the first V-8 to become widely available in cars, and it was the first independently designed and built V8 engine produced by Ford for mass production. The 1935 engine was rated at 85 horsepower and 144 pound-feet of torque.

This video touts the attributes of the new 1935 Ford and its ability to carry a family of six — and its dog — in style and comfort.

Information source: Wikipedia