Nostalgia Highway

Nissan's Andy Palmer reflects on Goodwood and cars from yesteryear

(July 8, 2014) NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It's an annual favorite of car buffs, industry veterans and kids of all ages, but the just-ended four-day Goodwood Festival of Speed in England is also a chance to reflect on some of the cars of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Cars of the stars

(July 7, 2014) We ran across a small collection of pictures of Hollywood stars and their cars, mostly from the 1930s and 1940s. We found it interesting to see what the super rich from the depression era drove.

Chrysler's revolutionary Airflow vehicle explained in a 1934 film

(June 30, 2014) Chrysler was the first American automaker to streamline a vehicle when it introduced the Chrysler Airflow in 1934. Led by Chrysler engineer Carl Breer, the company sought to build a car that was less susceptible to air resistance to get more performance from the engine and increase gas mileage.

Collection of 14 classic cars, six motorcycles to be auctioned in UK

(June 25, 2014) GAYDON, UK — An eclectic private collection of 14 classic cars and six motorcycles, spanning nearly 90 years, will be offered by Silverstone Auctions as part of its Silverstone Classic Sale on July 26 and 27.

Chrysler promotes safety in mid-30s film

(June 19, 2014) A 10-minute 1935 Chrysler movie, "Horse Sense in Horse Power," that promotes safe driving and braking, offers a very interesting window into the vehicles, roads and driving habits of motorists nearly 80 years ago.

You will discover how much times have changed, yet how much of driving life has remained the same on the highways of America.

Green Hornet Black Beauty car, complete with machine guns, up for sale

(June 19, 2014) The screen-used Black Beauty hero car used in the 2011 film The Green Hornet, will be auctioned next week by Massachusetts based, RR Auction. The 1965 Chrysler Imperial, built by Dennis McCarthy of Vehicle Effects in California, is one of just two hero cars remaining from the production.

Two original Shelby GT350 Mustang prototypes to meet in Tulsa

(June 13, 2014) More than three decades after taping a full-page ad ripped from a 1965 car magazine above his bunk on an Alaskan crab boat, Mark Hovander is touring the country this year with the same Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang pictured on that page.

Greyhound commemorating 100th anniversary with mobile museum tour

(June 10, 2014) DALLAS — Years ago traveling meant taking the train or bus. If you leave the car at home today, your first stop will probably be at the closest airport. But long-distance travel is still possible thanks to companies such as Greyhound, which this year is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Rare GM Futurliner headed to auction in January

(June 7, 2014) Real estate developer Ron Pratte caught the attention of enthusiasts over the years with his front-row purchases of collector cars at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale and around the U.S. Now, after a 10-year blitz, he’s decided to sell off his collection at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction in January 2015, according to the GM Authority.

An intriguing lesson in automobile suspension from Chevy — In 1936

(June 6, 2014) Chevrolet offered an intriguing lesson on automobile suspension back in 1936. The company's eight-minute movie is surprisingly informative considering it was made more than 75 years ago. It's also entertaining.