Fisk tires were hailed as 'America's Safest Tire' more than 80 years ago

(December 20, 2013) Fisk was one of the most popular tires in the first 40 years of the 20th Century and was famous for its "Time to Re-Tire" tagline.  By 1916 the company was manufacturing 5,000 tires per day out of its Chicopee Falls, Mass., facilities.

In the 1930s it introduced its highly successful Safti-Flight tire that is the subject of this nine-minute advertising video. Unfortunately, the tire was introduced during the decade of the Great Depression, which weakened the company. By 1940, Fisk was acquired by U.S. Rubber, which changed its name to Uniroyal in 1967 and merged with B.F. Goodrich in 1986, which was purchased by Michelin in 1990.

Fisk-branded tires are still marketed today.

Sit back and enjoy this very interesting Fisk informational film made before Fisk became part of U.S. Rubber.