DeSoto may have been the first auto gift

With the arrival of the Christmas season "Lexus to Remember" ads start appearing on a variety of programming depicting a new Lexus in the driveway with a giant red bow attached to the roof.

Giving a car for Christmas seems to be the thing, at least in the world of luxury transportation.

But Lexus or any of the other manufacturers who put their wares under the tree can't claim originality. The proof is in this 1955 television ad for DeSoto. The wife reads a note from her husband that instructs her to "look out the window darling."

There it is — a 1955 DeSoto, "the most beautiful car on the road" and "smartest of the smart cars" parked at the curb. A gift from hubby who promised his wife the moon and the stars. Here's one of the stars I promised you, he writes.