'Classic Engines, Modern Fuel' is a problem-solving book for old car owners

(April 15, 2020) Paul Ireland has compiled a collection of popular articles previously published by the author in assorted car magazines based on in-depth research carried out at Manchester University. The articles investigate how classic engines respond to modern gasoline, and the results are presented in a new book "Classic Engines, Modern Fuel," in a way that any enthusiast can understand.

One chapter ranks some brands and grades of modern gas, helping you choose the best type for your vehicle, while other chapters present the findings that debunk some of the myths about gasoline and engines. Real data is provided to help the reader tune a classic vehicle, and ensuring that it runs as it should.

The appendix gives a down-to-earth description of how to rebuild and tune SU and similar carburetors. After reading this, even a very nervous owner will be able to rebuild and re-tune his twin SU carburetors.

Ireland’s years of experience and no-nonsense scientific approach will help the reader get the best from his classic car.

Born in 1951 and living in Suffolk, England, Ireland is now retired after working in the computer industry for most of his career. Although he has a PhD in experimental Nuclear Physics, Paul is the black sheep of the family. His father and two sons are "proper" engineers. He has inherited his family’s practical abilities and a love for all things mechanical, and maintains his classic cars himself.

Ireland is passionate about classic vehicles, owning two MGs and a Porsche. His main interest is in the 1949 MG TC he bought in 1967 and which he has rebuilt more than once.

His academic background allows him to research and understand complex problems. In contrast, he can present his findings to others in a simple and interesting way. Writing popular articles for classic car magazines, Paul has also given talks to groups of car enthusiasts on a variety of subjects.

The book is available for $25 in the U.S. and $32.99 in Canada. It can be purchased in paperback form from Amazon.com or from Veloce books by clicking here.