Chevrolet's version of the news in 1935

(August 27, 2015) In the mid-1930s one of the ways people got their news was through news reels shown prior to a movie. Before the appearance of television these news reels were the only moving visuals available. Along with some scenes from coming attractions, moviegoers would get to actually view world events on the big screen before Clark Gable and Greta Garbo made their grand entrance.

Chevrolet took advantage of this staple with "Chevrolet Leader News," a promotional newsreel containing a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories.

This reel is particularly interesting because it shows construction of U.S. 1 from the Florida mainland to Key West. A new Chevrolet is shown driving on a portion of the 100-mile highway during the construction process. In fact, a Chevrolet is shown bumping along the existing railroad, which was the only way to get to Key West at the time other than taking a boat.

The announcer maintains, "you don't have to wait for the road to be built if you own a car with knee action.... so why not go right over the ties, the wheels may be doing a lot of bumping along, but the rider goes along smoothly right over the bumps" in a 1935 Chevrolet.

Another interesting segment shows a bus that can be used on the railroad as well as the street by using small guide wheels that can be flipped down to ride the rails.

Sit back and enjoy the six-minute look back into history.