Chevrolet explains 'mass selling' in 1937

(September 7, 2017) Chevrolet in 1937 produced an interesting nine-minute film designed to educate Chevrolet dealers and salesmen explaining the company's use of "mass selling."

Before the arrival of television the only advertising available to automobile dealers was one-dimensional newspaper and magazine ads — until the industry discovered the use of motion picture productions to describe the benefits of their products.

Chevrolet was a leader in producing these documentaries beginning in 1935 describing the workings of their cars and detailing why they were superior to their competitors.

The narrator notes, "we are bridging the gap between advertising and retail selling beginning where advertising leaves off and continuing where the salesman can and will go on."

He explains that these films are designed to reach young people in high schools and universities, members of clubs and organizations, workers in factories and mills and families attending movies in community theaters.