Another 1930s educational film from Chevrolet, 'Water Boy'

(April 25, 2016) Chevrolet released a series of advertising documentary short films in the 1930s, most of them interesting, and many that actually offered a learning experience. A prime example is the 12-minute film "Water Boy" produced in 1936 that Chevrolet calls an "educational documentary."

Even in today's modern world it's interesting to discover how water in a cooling system keeps an engine from overheating.

Chevrolet explains the cooling systems of "modern cars" by showing how water circulates around the cylinders, cooling them, and in turn being cooled by the air drawn in through the radiator.

The announcer explains that pouring coffee in a saucer is an excellent example of what happens in the radiator of your car. In a saucer the hot coffee is spread out thin over a large area so the heat has a chance to escape.

It's interesting to view the road at the time from Clarkdale and to Jerome, Ariz., as a Chevrolet pulls a big load over the "nine-mile hill" in 100-degree weather. By the way, the Chevrolet did not boil over.