American life revolved around the automobile 60 years ago

(November 27, 2013) American life revolved around the automobile in the 1950s, much like today. But in those days, the cars were virtually all American made. The SUV had not yet been invented. The minivan was still just an idea in the heads of such automotive folks as Lee Iacocca. If people needed room for passengers, cargo and the family dog, they bought a station wagon. Or perhaps a full-sized van or a Chevrolet Suburban. Fins were in and styling changed from year-to-year.

Here are a few pictures we've collected to bring back memories of the "good old days." Pictured above a Las Vegas street in 1959.

A typical McDonald's in the late 1950s      

Car hops graced all the "best" fast food joints

Drive-in theaters, once a staple of American life, have all but faded away

Fill it up and check the oil and tires, please

Rexall drug stores and parking meters were part of nearly every town across the country

Burma Shave signs kept travelers entertained